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I’ve got to tell you, I’ve never been ghost hunting, and this girl ain’t starting. However, I’m nonetheless fascinated with people who take on the task, why they do it, and what the results are. Hey, it’s Halloween tomorrow, and while I plan to be on my couch watching scary movies with the kiddos, some people will LIVE the scary movie!

Today I have with me bestselling paranormal thriller author Micheal Rivers. He knows a thing or two personally about ghost hunting. I caught up with him and asked a few questions about his experiences, and below you’ll find the link to his books, which have hit #1 in the Kindle Store and have won several awards.


Interview with Micheal Rivers


Did you become interested in paranormal investigation because of your writing background? Were there other reasons or influences?

I was interested in the paranormal since I was a little guy. The idea of ghosts anywhere was very intriguing. It just seemed like a subject I didn’t want to stay away from. The house I grew up in was a hotbed of paranormal activity.

What types of cases have you been on so far?

I have investigated everything from poltergeist activity to full body apparitions. There were some that were purely overactive imagination, and there were some caused by physical reasons. But there have been a lot that were very legitimate.

What is your definition of a ghost?

A ghost is a manifestation of pure energy. How it can make itself seen or heard is a matter that has never been fully explained even by the world of science. To be able to be seen, felt, hurt or even produce bodily damage is still a factor I and others have no answer for.

What has been your most intense or profound experience so far in these investigations?

That would be very hard to answer because each experience has its own tale of being unique. Intense- I would say that would have to have been at Trans Allghany Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia. Something struck me in the face hard enough to drop me to one knee. When I stood someone took a photograph and there was a dark mass between me and another investigator.

I know that some investigators who are also demonologists tend to give warnings to people getting involved in paranormal investigation. Do you take any types of precaution in order to protect yourself from negative energy/forces?

The only thing I take to an investigation is a lot of faith and respect for the dead. I also carry a lot of curiosity and the knowledge to try and debunk the events and get down to the truth.

How has this affected your writing?

It has had little effect on the writing though I do add some of the things that have happened on investigations into the novels.

What would the general public be surprised to learn about current paranormal investigation? We tend to get glimpses of it from certain TV shows, but that may not be the entire story.

You don’t get something of any value every time you go on an investigation. You will gain something from the experience and know a little more about the world of the paranormal each time you perform an investigation. There are specific rules for investigating any place you go. Make certain you have the right to be at the location is the number one rule. Respect your client and his rights. There is nothing worse than someone who will fake evidence of any kind. If someone wants the entire story, learn from those who have been investigating for a long time. There is much more than some photography and a tape recorder to deal with. You have to have the proper equipment and the knowledge of how to effectively use the equipment or all is lost.

Thanks for sharing, Micheal! I’m looking forward to learning more about your investigations and delving into your books. Folks, I’ve got the details below, so check ’em out:

The Black Witch (Curse of the Witch Book 1)



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