#AgentCarter Review: A Sin to Err

Wow, this episode of Agent Carter was action-packed and fun to watch!

But it also came with interesting twists–from the benevolent Russian psychologist revealing his true nature, to all the SSR men FINALLY seeing Peggy as a force to be reckoned with. Too bad they decided to do so when it appears she’s a traitor and fugitive. Ugh.

Might I also add, though I am Team Carter, miss Dottie (a Black Widow?) is pretty efficient and badass herself. And a bit scary. She’s a great nemesis for Peggy!

I loved how our intrepid Agent Sousa never wavered in his search for the truth–even when things pointed in a direction he didn’t like. I wonder if he had doubts though, because he certainly couldn’t shoot Peggy when he caught her in that alley.

And Thompson, “Crutch faster…” yeesh, a smooth one he is.

I was starting to like Yauch, before he walked into traffic, and Angie scored her biggest performance yet (yay!).

It seems Peggy’s oversights and loose ends have caught up with her, and with an efficient enemy out to get her (in addition to SSR on her trail), she’s in a rough spot. I am looking forward to seeing how this is all resolved. Will she convince Chief and the others that she’s a good guy? Are we going to see an epic showdown between her and Dottie?

I’ll be tuning in to find out, that’s for sure. What was your favorite moment from this episode?

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