#AgentCarter review: Lies and Deceit

We’re peeling back the surface in Marvel’s Agent Carter, and as we dig deeper, we find things aren’t always as they seem. Peggy has been trusting Howard Stark this entire time, trying to aid him in retrieving his inventions while deceiving her SSR colleagues.

And it turns out Howard’s been lying to her!

It particularly stings Peggy because she accepted the task from Howard out of a desire to make a difference and save people–something SSR was holding her back from because she’s a woman.

But Howard’s dishonesty isn’t the only surprising thing: Chief psychs out a Nazi with a breath mint (ha-ha!), Dottie is a badass assassin/spy, and although Agent Sousa uses a crutch, he could still probably beat you in a fight.

There’s also apparently a false “Battle of Finow” that the government is lying about, so I look forward to finding out the truth behind that, and of course, I’m curious as to what (if anything) will be done with the vial containing Captain America’s blood.

I really enjoyed this episode! I loved how it got messy (emotionally), and that we’re learning more about these characters through their choices and actions.

Can’t wait until the next show 🙂


  1. I finally got to see this show. Having missed all the previous episodes I have no idea who’s doing what to whom or why. Must catch up. Luv the 40s fashions and decor, even the fonts, and oh, those roadsters.

    1. Author

      It’s a VERY fun show, Devorah! And I think either the first or second episode, you’ll see quite a few things that will definitely remind you of The Tower’s Alchemist 🙂

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