#AgentCarter Review: Snafu

Wow, I was surprised Jarvis had the cahones to walk straight into SSR headquarters with a forged confession. Unfortunately, his plan didn’t work, and he wound up stuck with Peggy Carter in interrogation.


I’m not even going to recap the interrogation scene. Here it is. Just too good not to share:


Peggy has been trying to warn the guys this entire time, and because they overlooked her, Leviathan is rising, and we’ve got some dead agents (Yauch from last week, and…sadly, Chief Dooley himself from this week.).

We’ve got a dangerous Russian spy on the loose, confusion, and still, lingering mistrust when it comes to Peggy. But I’m glad to see Jack and Sousa on Peggy’s team

What did you think of the latest Agent Carter episode?


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