Alesha’s Heroines Trivia Contest

Let’s have some fun!

I’ve got five easy trivia questions below. Just post your answers in the comments and you’re up for a chance to win a $10 iTunes gift card, $5 Amazon gift card, or an ebook copy of The Tower’s Alchemist AND Dark Rift!

UPDATE: Thanks so much for participating! We have our winners–Chris, Khaalidah, and BN!


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  1. Name an ’80s fantasy heroine (book or TV/movie)
    I would say Sarah from Labyrinth. (you didn’t say SUPER heroine)

    In the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how do you become a vampire?
    Mutual blood sucking, which I did not know. (Spoiler) Part of your 2nd trilogy book suddenly makes more sense to me.

    Name the heroine from Lord of the Rings who dresses up as a soldier and goes to war.

    List 2-3 things you’ll most likely find an urban fantasy heroine wearing.
    Boot-sheathed Dagger or throwing knife
    Some kind of portable grappling hook/zip line

    Who’s your all-time favorite fantasy heroine, and why?
    Eowyn, as she appears in the LORT movies is a pretty strong heroine.

    NOTE: I also apologize if I accidentally entered the contest more times than I should have. I should only have 10 points as I only answered once.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Chris! You’re allowed to enter as many times as you like in order to increase your points (and thus your chances) at winning.

  2. 1. Catwoman
    2. vampire sucks your blood and you suck theirs
    3. Eowyn
    4. utility belt, boots
    5. Wonder Woman because of her lasso

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