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Lots of blog hopping, lots of fun!

Just so that you don’t get lost or miss out, I’m re-posting this week’s schedule for Alesha’s Corner:

Dec. 26– “Armageddon Recipe Contest” The sun may have stopped shining, but we still need to eat! Submit a simple recipe you’d be able to whip up if all hell broke lose (Dec. 27  9:00 pm PST is the last day to submit your recipe and get a chance to win a $10 Amazon gift card)

Dec. 27–”Trivia Tuesday” topic: Post-apocalyptic movies (Still on-going! submit your answer by Dec. 27 11:00 pm PST for a chance to win a copy of The Tower’s Alchemist)

Dec. 28–Luis Escobar from The Simpsons TV show shares his top survival techniques for living in a post-apocalyptic world. He’s even included some artwork! I’ll include a poll so you can vote on which you like best 🙂

Dec. 29–”If the #sunstoppedshining…” finish the sentence on twitter (and don’t forget to follow me @The_GrayTower)

Dec. 30–Blog Comment: If you could choose one fictional character to be your ally during these dark days, who would it be and why? (My friend, the writer and blogger, Ren Thompson will be hosting the question for me at her blog. Submit your comment for a chance to win autographed copies of Luis Escobar’s post-apocalyptic drawings.

Dec. 31–Author Day! Authors, share a quick blurb of your fantasy/paranormal novel in the comments for a chance to win a special promotion :-)

And don’t forget to click on the tour badge over to the right and get the full list of participating authors! Go to their blogs and have fun with their contests, interviews, and flash fiction! You DON’T want to miss them either.


  1. If all hell broke loose, I’d have a couple power bars and a box of cereal in my car (one of the benefits of eating breakfast at work). So, even though I don’t own a single weapon outside of a frying pan or kitchen knife, I do almost always have some kind of food nearby.

    I know that’s not a recipe, but I don’t really cook outside of the burrito omelet hashbrown breakfast on the weekends. So, if left to myself, I’d need prepackaged food to survive.

    Cool blog, Alesha. Sorry I didn’t get you on the podcast. Hopefully another time.

    1. Author

      Thanks, Tim. I’m definitely going to have to stop by for your podcast soon!

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