Book Review: Blue Dawn (Scavenger 2) by @timothycward

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Blue Dawn (Scavenger, #2) by Timothy Ward



Book Description

Hugh Howey’s novel, SAND, introduced us to a future America covered in sand and the terrorists who will stop at nothing to unearth the fabled city of Danvar.

**Now planned into a five part epic. Part two, Blue Dawn, to be released soon.**

“Scavenger” centers on the story of Divemaster Rush, a bereaved father and estranged husband who is offered a job he can’t refuse. Rush can either harden his heart and survive or risk his life for what already seems lost.

“Scavenger” can be read without having read SAND. Written and sold with permission from Hugh Howey.

My Thoughts

Today Tim Ward releases part two of his Scavenger novelette series. BLUE DAWN picks up where Red Sands left off (see my review of book #1), and the stakes are raised higher and the danger becomes even more palpable.

Rush has just recovered his identity. He’s no longer the estranged husband who spends his days cleaning up a brothel, but a now fighter willing to go any length to save his wife. Not only does he want to set things right, but he also wants to deal justice to the cold-hearted murderer who forced him into his circumstances.

I cringed when Carroll confronted Rush about the death of her loved ones, because it was so emotional and raw. Though you’re rooting for Rush,  you also want him to own up to what he did, and for him to fix it.

As we see tender moments between Rush and Star, and the friendships he cultivates, we feel his goal is just around the corner. But then it wouldn’t be interesting if Rush got what he wanted so easily, right? And there, I think Mr. Ward weaves in opposing forces that will test Rush and show us what he’s made of.

This book ends on a cliffhanger, which I know some people hate in general, but I LOVE.

Alesha’s Rating 5.0 out of 5.0

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