Book Review: Made To Forget by @SamLaFantasie

Made to Forget by Samantha LaFantasieIt’s the 2400’s AD–and we still have issues, y’all.

Despite the revelation of a benevolent alien race known as the Nepherium, half of humanity end up rejecting their friendship and knowledge, including the Nepherium’s warning of a sinister brother race, the Aagrarians.

The tension and drama that hence plays out centers on our heroine, Elsa, who wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the accident that put her there. You’d think her friends and loved ones would want her to remember, especially since the accident was a suspicious one, but they’re urging her to forget and move on. Meanwhile, the mysterious Alexander Barrabas wants her to remember while the remembering’s good.

Who to trust? Where to go for answers?

My Thoughts

I loved the sci-fi, futuristic setting of the book. Several of the technological advances in the story definitely felt like they could exist in the next few hundred years. I also enjoyed the characters, especially Elsa who’s a no-nonsense kind of gal.

The story also strikes me as a mystery, as you put the pieces together along with Elsa, trying to figure out who is trustworthy, who staged the horrific accident she was in, and most importantly, WHY.

And the answer…I never saw it coming! How delightfully fun this was!

I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’ll stop there. My only complaint is that Ms. LaFantasie didn’t make this action-packed novella a full-length novel. Whaaahhhhhh! I want more!  (Yes, I’m one of THOSE types of readers). I hear there’s a part two in the works, so I’ll definitely be picking up a copy and continuing the saga 🙂


Alesha’s Rating 5/5

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