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I remember in my senior year of college schmoozing in a tiny class of six as we were led by one of the coolest English professors around. We’d read classic literature, sit in a small circle, discuss our notes and interpretations, and then turn in our journals for points that would go toward our final grade in the class.

I lost points one day, damn it.

And do you know why? Because one of our reads was an excerpt from the Diary of Samuel Pepys–and I did not write anything down! I had nothing to share or contribute about the Diary. Why? Because all I read was an account of how Mr. Pepys chased around the maids in his household and put his hands up their skirts. I just didn’t get it (at least, the excerpt that was in our books. Perhaps the textbook publisher should’ve chosen another?). I-did-not-get-it.

So what does this have to do with my review of Dicey Grenor’s Sleepy Willow’s Loosed Soul? I feel like you’re going to be in one of two camps when you read this book–either you’ll feel like my younger self when I read the Diary of Samuel Pepys, or you’ll friggin’ love Sleepy Willow in all its risque, humorous, supernatural glory.

I’m in the “friggin’ love it camp,” and I’ll explain why.

Our protagonist, Willow, is an attractive young lady who turned to vampirism so she could cure her narcolepsy. However fate had different plans for her, and she ends up a narcoleptic vampire, which can be deadly when you’re living in an America where there are anti-vampire laws and immediate execution orders. And you know this will also make for good comedic moments 🙂

Willow is flawed (she wouldn’t be interesting if she were perfect), but she’s also honest, tough as nails, and funny as heck. One of the best things about this series is the humor and the inner monologue by Willow. While at times I did find her a bit preachy about the way she saw the world, what shined through most about her was her determination and sense of survival. She may not be the top vampire (yet), but she knows that she wants to be free of control, protected from danger, and united with her true love.

I enjoyed the author’s take on vampire lore, and how one became a Maistre or Maistress Vampire, as well as things like witches, ghosts, curses and demons. If you’re looking for an adult paranormal fantasy, then this is definitely one to read.

If you like your stories to be a 1-4 (on a scale of 10) when it comes to depictions of sex, then…err, you might run into a few awkward bumps. However because this story has much more to it than just trysts just for the sake of having them, this is why I keep reading (I’ve read the first two books in this series as well). You get a good dose of the paranormal, of action scenes, suspense, and plans gone wrong and our heroine scrambling to make it out alive. Ms. Grenor has a wonderful knack for humor, she makes you sympathize with Willow, and leaves you wanting more at the end of each chapter and each book in the series.

Some of my favorite characters are Max (Willow’s Maistre) who’s both cruel and lovingly passionate, the Multiple Personality Disorder boyfriend Aaron/Remi, and Franco (Willow’s boss) who’s a demon that’s able to grant you your greatest desire–for a price.

I would recommend the Narcoleptic Vampire Series to readers of urban fantasy with a good dose of romance, to lovers of paranormal romance, and paranormal erotica.

Alesha’s Rating 5/5

Book 1 (Sleepy Willow’s Bonded Soul)

Book 2 (Sleepy Willow’s Heartless Soul)

Book 3 (Sleepy Willow’s Loosed Soul)

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  1. I love that you get Willow and my dark humor, risqué’ style of writing! lol Thanks so much for reading and reviewing each book. Have a wonderful 2013, Alesha!

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