Book Review: The Source (A Mountain State Vampire Novel)

If you’ve got student loans like me, then you know the desperation with which I want to pay them off–FAST.

Dr. Emma Burcham wants to do the same thing, so she answers a wanted ad promising thousands of dollars for a successful research project headed by the government agency known as FOHVA (Federal Office for Human and Vampire Administration).

Emma jumps in, and finds that the project involves developing an efficient way to kill wayward vampires who attack humans. There are even a couple of vamps on the research team, as they have a vested interest in taking out rogue vampires and keeping the government (and society) from turning on the entire vampire race.

So far, so good, right? Well let’s just say it gets complicated when Emma is paired with the handsome vampire, Rick, who just drips sex appeal with just an edge of danger (and he’s got a doctorate!). Throw in the entire competition to be the first team to come up with the “vampire solution” in order to win the money, a stalkerish research assistant, and a budding mystery, and you’ve got the makings of a delicious paranormal romance.

Now, on to what I liked–the protagonist, Emma. She’s not your average “hot girl.” In fact, she’s thick, and round. But she’s a tough cookie, she’s able to open herself up to other people, and she still has a mind to pursue Rick. I think Emma is very relatable, and I adore her relationship with her mom (who, by the way, will have you laughing). At times Emma wavered between maturity and immaturity with some of her actions or decisions, but that’s okay, because I like her enough to still root for her. The story is told from her perspective.

There’s a small amount of science jargon going on (these are scientists, after all), so you’ll have to pay close attention to how Emma comes up with her vampire solution. I didn’t mind this at all, because I’m a bit of a science geek (thanks to a 1.5 year stint in a biochemistry program–YEAH!!!).

The first few chapters are given over heavily to background, but the world Stilwell created is so different, that you NEED this info (in my opinion) to understand the story. Some people will appreciate that, while others will like to jump straight into action, but *this* reader certainly enjoyed the story’s pace. The romance element to the story will have you wanting Emma and Rick to get together, and I’m looking forward to see how that goes in the next book (yes, I will be reading the next book :-)).

Overall, THE SOURCE was a fun read, and the ending sets up the series to continue on with a fresh twist (think X-Files meets hot vampire paranormal romance)! You haven’t seen the end of FOVHA yet!


Alesha’s Rating 4.6 out of 5

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  1. LOVE it. And I’m SO honored with the comparison to the X-Files. As I was starting this project, I wasn’t even thinking of X-Files elements, but I’m thrilled that it has come through. 🙂

    1. Author

      You know, as I was writing the review, when I thought of the very end, I totally thought “X-Files.”

      I think it fits, and it has a nice twist to it with the vampirism, the romance, etc. so I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment!

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