Book Review: Tiago and the Masterless

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Thief. Programmer. Subversive.

Tiago has stolen the colony ship Interrogative, the most advanced in Earth’s fleet. With only the ship’s computer and Audra, a holographic interface made incarnate, for company, he’s going slowly mad. He needs more. He needs people — no matter how loosely defined the term. He finds a planet with signs of civilization: A lush world full of farms. But what will the aliens, the Masterless, think of Tiago Salazar?

This is Interrogative: Book 1. The series will have 30 books, one released every two months for the next five years.

My Thoughts

Tiago and the Masterless is an engrossing sci-fi story that gets creepier as you read it. And I mean that in the best way possible.

You see, Tiago Salazar has stolen a spaceship, the Interrogative. As he flies solo, he cooks up a sim (simulated person) with whom he can talk, etc. and it sounds like a cool idea, right?

But there’s something off with his sim, Audra, and he has her deconstructed a few times only to reconstruct her because he feels guilty or needs something.

By the way, have you ever seen the movie “Moon” with Sam Rockwell? Tiago totally gives me those vibes–except he has the creepy sim woman who seems at each turn to be acquiring her own will and sense of self.

And then you find out what’s really behind it.

This was a fun read!

I would’ve loved a bit more imagery or description in certain parts, but other than that, I kept turning the pages.


Alesha’s Rating 4.8 / 5.0

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