#Constantine Review: Petty Dabbling in the Arts + Zed!


You knew there was going to be some magic going on when the Romani woman mentioned she was Romani! Gypsy magic, according to Constantine, is very dark (meh, I don’t portray it that way in my stories, but this is Constantine’s world we’re describing).

Some frightening noises and mysterious deaths and disappearances have gone on in a small mining town, and it all centers on the town’s source of industry, the mine itself. Workers there whisper of strange creatures, and Constantine shows up to figure out why a man is burned to a crisp in his shower.

Ask his wife.

Who, me? Why, I'm heartbroken, I tell ya!

Who, me? Why, I’m heartbroken, I tell ya!

While Constantine is trying to quell the otherworldly creatures in the mines, he’s somewhat distracted by the woman, Zed (seen at the end of last episode). Zed claims she was meant to find Constantine, but for what, we have yet to find out. She’s either making herself useful (pulling Constantine out of a flooding car), or not-so-subtly trying to seduce him.


Constantine is smart to keep his distance, and it seems he hasn’t quite made up his mind yet about Zed. He tries to shoo her away, but it doesn’t work–so let’s see what’s in store for our duo (I’m still a little bummed that our girl Liv from episode 1 was ousted. I really liked her).

So this week’s lesson? Don’t summon demons. Seriously, guys, you don’t want to end up being dragged into a dark, deep hole.

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