Cover Reveal: Monochrome by @HMJonesWrites

Fantasy/Dark Fantasy

Book Description

What would you do to save your most precious memories? Abigail cannot love her baby. Mothers are supposed to nurture and protect their babies, hold them when they cry but when Abigail’s baby cries the only emotion she can grasp is rage. Frightened for her new baby, the first-time mother decides to end her own life to save the life of her child. But before she can act on her dark thoughts, she is overcome by a panic attack and blacks out. When she awakes, everything is blue: the trees, the grass, the rocks and still, scentless sky above her. A deep, dark blue.

Everything except the face of the man who stands over her. He introduces himself as Ishmael and claims to be her Guide through the dangerous world of Monochrome. But in a place where good memories are currency, Nightmares walk and ruthless Roamers stalk those who still have the will to live, she starts to wonder if she’ll ever make it home. Abigail must fight for the life she once wished to take or fade into the blue.


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Release Date: August 2015

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