ebook formatting rave!

If you’re gearing up to publish an ebook and have taken up the task of formatting it yourself, and you’ve been frustrated by the process and ready to breakdown and open your wallet…STOP!

The Smashwords Style Guide is a life-saver! It is FREE of charge (just download it in your choice of format) and it will step-by-step take you through correcting what you’ve been doing wrong in your formatting, gently swat your hand, and then show you the right way. Best part? You can do this within 2 hrs. (though individual times may vary depending on what you’re working with and if you’re constantly being distracted like I was).

Did I also mention that IT WORKS? 🙂 My novel is nicely formatted and ready to be an “ebook” (Smashwords also offers distribution of your ebook–I highly recommend you check it out).

I really wanted to pass this along because a lot of my internet searches have been sites that gave confusing or useless information, or withheld the answers so you could buy a “manual.” Whatever.

Now that I know how to format a manuscript for ebook, I feel like a rock star! Well, you know what I mean.

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