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Veronica’s search for her mother who disappeared without a trace on the streets of Minneapolis takes her into the precarious world of Deamhan, psychic vampires who rule the underground nightlife in the city’s most darkest corners.

The Deamhan have survived by remaining hidden in the shadows. The Ramanga, Lamia, Metusba, and Lugat clans have been overshadowed by what humans know as the modern vampire. But what if vampires aren’t the real threat?

Veronica gains the trust of the only other human familiar with the Deamhan lifestyle. With his help she finds not only can the Deamhan not be trusted, but it’s her own father, president of a ruthless organization of researchers, who has diabolically maintained that distrust.

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Interview with Isaiyan Morrison

Your book, Deamhan, is about vampires, but they don’t seem to be your typical vampires. Can you share with us how the Deamhan are different?

Deamhan are psychic vampires which is different from the sanguine vampires most fans read about. They don’t rely on blood to survive. Instead they need the psychic energy (chi, manna ect.) to survive. There are four clans and they all feed differently. For example, Metusba Deamhan feed off the psychic energy in the auras around animals. Ramanga Deamhan feed off the psychic energy in blood.

I wanted to go this route because I felt that the vampire market was oversaturated. There was too much romance and I prefer my “vampires” to be dark. Deamhan are just that. Plus there are way too many different types of vampires in vampire lore. Why not give some of them the spotlight?

If you could be one of your characters from the story, who would you be and why?

I’d have to say Anastasia. Although I don’t how she acts to other humans and her kind, I feel like her inner struggle to change after 400 plus years is an amazing one. Her history is very vibrant as well. I would love to see what she has seen.

In your opinion, what are the pros and cons of writing a vampire novel?

Cons: The only con I can think of is the notion that most readers will expect your novel to be shrouded in romance. Recently vampires and romance have become intertwined. It’s like you can write a vampire novel or a supernatural novel without it. There have been times when I’ve thought about it but I don’t do romance. I don’t read it so how can I write it? Trying to keep my distance from that has been the hardest thing for me when it came to writing Deamhan.

Pros: There are tons of vampire novels out there that you have to compete against. I believe that coming up with something different, to attract readers to your dark corner of the room, is important. To do this you have to give them something different and unique. I think to think outside the box and my novel does just that.

What are you currently working on (or what is your next project)?

At the moment I’m working on a small novella, Deamhan Tales: Kei, and another book in the Deamhan Chronicles, Maris The Brotherhood Files. Deamhan Tales takes off where the first book ends, following the main antagonist as he flees the city of Minneapolis. The Brotherhood Files is a small introduction to another character who later becomes an important character in the Deamhan universe.

If you were stranded on an island, with only your books, which three books would you absolutely need to have with you?

Besides my own novel I would have to have On the Road by and Tristessa Jack Keroauc.

Awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by, Isaiyan. I look forward to seeing more of your stories 🙂



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