Feature Friday–Dirty Eden + Author Interview

I would probably be shaking in my boots if Old Scratch himself appeared to me and gave me a job that I couldn’t refuse–which is exactly why I’m feeling for Norman Reeves.

In J.A. Redmerski‘s Dirty Eden, the devil presses Norman with the task of traveling to the center of Eden (yes, that one) and reversing the Fall of Man. However the road is filled with danger and deception, and let’s face it–nothing good really comes out of screwing around with the powers-that-be. Just ask someone from the Odyssey who isn’t Odysseus. Add to that some solid writing, flesh and blood characters (and a touch of humor), and you have a dark yet intriguing story to curl up with.

Dirty Eden is available on Kindle, and swing by the Goodreads page.

J.A.’s website: http://jessicaredmerski.com/

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A.E. What inspired you to write DIRTY EDEN?

J.A. I was suffering from extreme, debilitating Writer’s Block (yes, it’s a real clinical disease and if left untreated can result in an array of nasty complications). My boyfriend gave me a ‘project’ one day to write a one-page story about a man sitting in a park. And so I did and that’s how Norman was created. The crazy events in the story were mostly inspired by this strange corner of my mind that seems only active when I’m suffering from other disorders such as PTSD after spending 5 days in the hospital with a tube hanging out of my chest from a lung collapse. Bad times. But hey, I got a totally unique and darkly humorous story out of it!

A.E. Indeed! So the story was born from dark corners–what do you think is going to shock your readers or make them squirm?

J.A. Well, depending on the reader, some might ‘squirm’ while reading the scene in Hell, or the coffee house. Others might be shocked by the blasphemous undertones. I think there’s a little bit of shock and squirm in DIRTY EDEN for everybody!

A.E. Mmmm…coffee. Please describe your main character, Norman Reeves, in three words.

J.A. Unlucky lucky bastard.

A.E. Wouldn’t want to be him, I don’t think. Which brings up the fascinating situation he finds himself in. Explain what’s different about the mythology you use to craft the story (Am I right to sense a little bit of a Milton-esque Devil?).

J.A. I’ve never actually read Paradise Lost (Yes, I know! I should be strung up and quartered!)

A.E. (crossing arms) Yes, go on…

J.A. but from what I do know, I’m not sure that Lucifer in DIRTY EDEN fits the Milton bill too much. Yes, he is manipulative and plotting in DIRTY EDEN, but for very different reasons. Also, my take on the story of Adam and Eve (and Lilith) and the Garden of Eden, is definitely its own.

A.E. Now that’s going to be an interesting dynamic. I’m loving your take on these different characters. If you could be one of these characters in DIRTY EDEN, who would you be, and why?

J.A. Honestly, none of them! Every character in DIRTY EDEN has flaws and unfortunate circumstances that far outweighs their list-of-advantages. One is beautiful but has no eyes. Two are trapped in the bodies of children. One is too big to fit in a small boat. One is so full of himself you might want to vomit. It’s safe to say I’d rather be a character from someone else’s book.

A.E. Oh, man! I’m almost afraid to read your book alone at night. Thank you, Jessica, for stopping by. I look forward to seeing many more dark, entertaining stories from you!


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