Feature Friday–Nebulous

Remember those nights you’d stay awake with your little brother or sister and still find ways to talk and play even though it was dark?

What if there really was something underneath the bed? Or in the closet? Worse, what if a dark figure came through the window and whisked your sibling away to another world?

In Keith Weaver‘s Nebulous, it’s up to Ty to rescue his brother Xavier from the witch-queen Joro before he’s trapped forever in the dangerous land of Nebulous.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading this book, so I’ll add my Amazon.com review below.

Cheers, Keith!

Keith Weaver’s “Nebulous” took me back to that feeling of fresh, fun, and innocent fantasy adventure that I enjoyed as a young reader. Ty is a headstrong boy, but his love for his brother surpasses his flaws as he seeks to rescue Xavier who has been kidnapped by a sinister dark figure. He’s led into the land of Nebulous, full of magic and wonder–and a dangerous witch-queen. Luckily he doesn’t have to face the evil queen Joro alone–a cohort of friends (which includes a fox, and a badger as tall as his mom) bind themselves together in their quest to defeat Joro before Xavier is turned into a beast.

A few highlights of what I liked:

– Ty’s reactions and character were believable for his age. He wasn’t “wise beyond his years” or a 16-year old in a ten year-old’s body.
-This book definitely reminded me in some aspects of “Chronicles of Narnia” (not a bad thing at all, since I’m a fan of that series)
-I wanted to know more about Nebulous. There is definitely more to know and explore, so I look forward to what else Mr. Weaver may have in store.

My young daughter just started reading, and I’m definitely giving her Nebulous as part of an introduction to fantasy stories. Young readers will enjoy this story (and those young at heart).

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