Feature Friday: The Danfians Prophecy

Today’s feature is The Danfians Prophecy by L. Sengul, and this mash-up of romance, sci-fi, and fantasy definitely promises an intriguing read! Check out the details and author interview below, and don’t forget to watch the book trailer 🙂


Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance

Book Description

Chloe Rose’s world is turned upside down when she discovers that not only is she a human but also Danfian and Sofayan – two spiritual species from another planet. She learns of a prophecy about herself being the one that destroys Ivan – leader of the Sofayan that rule this world. She must go on the run but is captured by Alexander – a Sofayan – bounty hunter.She awakens his heart to desires that he let die for over 300 hundred years and Chloe is enchanted by him. Will they give in to their hearts desires?

Interview with L. Sengul

For readers new to your book, can you please explain the world (your main character) Chloe lives in, and who are the Danfians and Sofayans?

Chloe lives on Earth,and it is also home to alien species, Danfians from Htrea and Sofayans from Eserve. Danfians and Sofayans are arch nemesis and have the appearance of humans but are very gifted with enhanced sight, hearing, strength and telepathy.  Sofayans are the rulers of Earth and are a danger to humanity, whilst Danfians are here to protect humanity.

 How does Chloe come to meet Alexander?

Chloe discovers that not only is she human but also a Danfian and a Sofayan making her a threat to Sofayans. She must escape as the Sofayans are trying to track her down. Alexander a Sofayan, captures Chloe and imprisons her.  Their feelings become conflicted from the moment they lay eyes on each other.

How are Chloe and Alexander alike? How are they different?

Chloe and Alexander are alike as they both have Sofayan elements to them. Both have lost loved ones, however Chloe is still human and has Danfian elements in her.  Alexander has been alive for 300 years, whilst Chloe a mere 21 years. Alexander has loved before and has a conflicted heart between his first love and Chloe. And the rest you will need to read to find out!

What has been  your most memorable experience in writing this novel?

The most memorable experience would be the sheer joy that I would get from just writing the novel.  I would type for 3-4 hours without any hesitation or needing a moment to think, the novel just poured out from me to my laptop. I remember not wanting to take any breaks, not answering any calls during that time.  It was just me and my thoughts! Being able to write from differing points of view gave me an insight into how creative my imagination is.

What was your inspiration for this story?

I love romantic stories that end well, but I usually found that I was unhappy with certain character traits or the way the story flowed, quite often I would find myself thinking ‘why is she doing that?’ and becoming frustrated.  Through complaining about this to my husband he suggested I write my own. So I did whilst on maternity leave looking after my twin daughters, who were 9 months old at the time.  My husband and my daughters are my inspiration.  I combined the names of my daughters Daanya and Sofia to create the names of Danfians and Sofayans.

What are your current writing projects?

I’m currently working on the second part of this novel, Julian: The Danfians Prophecy. You will need to read The Danfians Prophecy to understand what Julian will be about.  There are further revelations of the prophecy and how everyone has a role to play to defeat the enemy. It will be just as  adventurous, romantic and fast paced as The Danfians Prophecy is.


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