Feature Friday–The Four Letters of Love

Author Nadina Boun is going to school us on L-O-V-E. Her upcoming book of love poetry, The Four Letters of Love, includes quotes, stories, and poems exploring what love is, and how and why do we love.

“The Four Letters of Love” describes love in various forms as seen by the poet; through a lover’s eyes, a warrior’s heart, a stranger’s quest, a dreamer’s mind, in the form of allegories, metaphors, quotes and fantasies.

It’s interesting to note that the Greeks had four different words for “love” because they believed there were different types:

  • storge–the type of natural love and affection you have for your family
  • philia–brotherly love that you have for friends and for those you’ve built bonds and relationships with
  • eros–romantic or sexual love
  • agape–pure, unconditional love

In English, we only have one word for love–eh…”love.” However, something tells me that it doesn’t stop Ms. Boun from coming up with passionate and interesting metaphors and descriptions in her book dedicated to it 🙂

The release date is February 2012, I believe. To keep updated on the book, as well as what else Nadina is up to, visit her at:


Follow her on twitter: @nadinaboun

Check out her other works on AMAZON.


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  2. Interesting thoughts Alesha! Hmmm the Greeks have surpassed me with their philosophical approach 🙂 thank you for featuring me this Friday:-)

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