Haters Gonna Hate: #AgentCarter + The Boys

Please forgive my tardy review of this week’s Agent Carter show. Once again, I feel this show is awesome, with just the right balance of action, emotion, humor, and intrigue.

Our friend Jarvis is taken in for questioning (we knew the car bumper being left behind would lead to this). He puts his neck on the line during interrogation in order to protect both Howard Stark and Agent Carter. However, when it seems Jarvis is about to crack under pressure, Peggy reciprocates his loyalty by pulling a daring move–but at personal cost, because now the guys in the office REALLY dislike her and think her incompetent.

Some of the emotional aspects came in with her and Angie. Now that Carter is living at that women’s hotel with a strict landlady (manager?), it serves as a thorn in her side, reminding her about her single-ladyhood and how she can be isolated, even in the midst of a group.

Meanwhile, it’s ALIAS time again! She’s continuing her quest to hunt down the stolen deadly weapons behind SSR’s back, as well as unravel the mysterious organization behind it all. Her investigation leads her to the docks where the weapons are sitting in crates on a ship. But no, it would be too easy to grab the weapons and claim victory–a big ass guy is guarding the mechanical and scientific contraptions, and he looks like he literally eats people for lunch. He was huge, y’all. And, he said, “I ain’t afraid to kill a woman,” and he wasn’t lying!

Of course, Peggy goes all out and fights him, and if he weren’t a giant, I think she would’ve whipped him into submission. This reminded me of  a college self-defense class I once took. Why the heck did I take a co-ed one? Bless our male classmates who wanted to be realistic during boxing/punching to show us that a real attacker would not be delicate or nice. But that crap hurt (Don’t worry, we had protective gear)! It taught me a lot about physical prowess, weight, and skill when it comes to fighting.

Okay, back to Peggy and her attacker.

If he were a smaller guy, she could’ve beat him down, but as a big guy, he gains the upper-hand. Thank goodness Jarvis is there to throw himself in, thus allowing Peggy to pick up a jacked-up back massage stick that actually breaks bones. Sweet! She uses it against Big Ass Guy, and he goes down.

They don’t want to leave the weapons just sitting there, so Jarvis quite hilariously calls up Agent Sousa at the office with a forced American accent to tip him off on the whereabouts of the weapons “Heeeeeyyyyy…Mack!”

I love this show!

Oh crap. I didn’t see the ending coming until old Cheating-Agent-Dude steps out of the car to confront the guy that rear-ended him. No! Cheating Dude got shot! (and Big Ass Guy gets pumped full of lead too).

This is getting good. I’m looking forward to the next installment 🙂


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