How to Survive the Apocalypse With Style

I just had to get my my husband Luis Escobar to contribute a guest post for the blog tour. Not only is he a talented artist, but he’s also the reason why I was inspired to write The Tower’s Alchemist. He’s also collaborating with me on a cool fantasy series we hope to launch in 2012 (so stay tuned!). For now, though, let us concern ourselves with the Apocalypse–and how these three tips are all you need the day the sun stops shining.
Take it away, Luis…
My Top Three Tips To Surviving the Apocalypse
1. Learn Kendo/Kenjutsu: After the apocalypse, there will be a shortage of guns, but somehow, there will be a super abundance of Katanas. Sword fights will happen frequently and often. It is best to learn, use, and master the art of fighting with a Katana as soon as you can. You never know when you will be attacked by a band of mutant bandits with swords.
2.  Stock up on Gas masks: The fashion accessory of the post-apocalyptic world will be the gas mask. Everyone will need to have one after, whatever it was, wipes out civilization.  Even if it’s unnecessary.  Set up a shop, style them anyway you want and sell them for other goods and services. You’ll be like, the Calvin Klein of the post-apocalyptic world.

3.  Have plenty of bug spray: Besides the small bands of humans, and the flesh eating mutants, the only other thing guaranteed to survive the apocalypse is cockroaches. Have plenty of bug spray in case you get a roach infestation. Especially since the darn things will probably be as big as horses.




I don’t know about you all, but the bug spray is on top of my list. The only bugs I like are lady bugs…and I’m an arachnophobe. Which tip resonates most with you? Leave a comment for the chance to win a $5 Amazon gift card 🙂 Winner will be chosen randomly. Deadline is tonight, 11:00 pm PST.





  1. I like these recommendations!!! Very clever of you to realize number one lack of guns around. LOL… I will keep these options in mind…

  2. I like the bug spray option. Bugs outnumber humans by an overwhelming number, if something happened to the world to mutate them it would be a battle for survival. Plus, my boys are into bugs and watching shows like Monster Bug Wars and Fear Factor, so they would be mad at me for not picking that option!!!

  3. I am with no. 1 all the way! I would be down to learn some Kendo/Kenjutsu sword fighting skills. Japanese sword fighting would be handy in the event of an Apocalypse!:-) Second to that would definately be the bug spray. I am not dealing with any cockroaches lol!

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