If I Were the Lead in a Fantasy Novel…

Do you remember her? Do you remember this show? I do!

If I were the lead in a fantasy novel, first of all I would want to be tall (call me vain, I’m 5’2″ and have always dreamed of being taller). I’d want to be in a world where chivalry still existed, but where I’d be able to wield a sword and hold my own.

My best friend would have to be a wizard, and we’d go on adventures together, righting wrongs and whacking the bad guys until we meet our appointed Villain.

However, I fear that the villain will find out my one weakness–arachnophobia. Eeek!

I could think of so many different scenarios and worlds I would be in, if I could. Have you ever read a fantasy story that was so entertaining that you wished you were part of that world? What if YOU were the lead in a fantasy novel?

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