Isabella Joins POLYVORE

I was reading up on an author who discussed how fun it was to create a Facebook page using the name and persona of her protagonist. The character would post updates, offer her thoughts on romance, life…and even throw in a few jokes. I found this to be a splendid idea, because I know I’m guilty of using my Facebook page as an update page regarding my writing progress, book release dates, etc. (yes, I know, terrible).


Since I’ve recently become obsessed with POLYVORE (check it out!), I thought it’d be fun to do a Polyvore page for Isabella.

Are you just now hearing about this site? It’s like Pinterest in some ways except that you can create collages from pictures and pictures of items from all over the internet ranging from clothing to art and home decor.

There are some seriously talented Polyvorists (is that a word?) on the site, and I’m just in awe of the creativity and sharp sense of fashion of many.

Please stop by and say hello to Isabella. If you join Polyvore, please follow her–she follows back 🙂



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