It Takes Two…

No one wants to be alone during the Apocalypse, so the opportunity to snag an ally is one that shouldn’t be passed up. I mean, he could play poker with you, keep watch by the campfire while you sleep, be the bait for the creepy mutant creeping in the shadows, etc.

If I had to choose a fictional character (whether from a movie or book) to be my partner in crime in a post-apocalyptic world, it would have to be Blade. Why? He seems to know what he’s doing when it comes to ass-kicking, and he’s available day and night. I’m pretty sure he’ll know how to find food (as long as I’m not on the menu), and he will readily fight monsters, vampires, and politicians all sorts of things.

Speaking of partners in crime, my friend (amazingly cool writer and blogger) Ren Thompson is making her blog available for you to leave YOUR answer to the following question 🙂

What fictional character would be your ally or partner in these dark days? Why?

CLICK HERE to go to Ren’s blog where you can read her answer–and then in the comments section of her answer, share yours. Leaving your comment automatically enters you for a chance to win autographed copies of artwork by Luis Escobar. Cut off time is Dec. 31 11:00pm PST and winner will be notified before Jan. 2, 2012. Remember, you have to leave your answer at Ren’s blog! See you there.


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      As long as I get a horse of my own, Nadina. My mom would always ask, “Why can’t Xena’s friend ride on the horse with her? Why does she have to walk everywhere?”

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