Just another problem an #author doesn’t need

Lack of time. Yep. I’m 90% done with DARK RIFT, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and then…the baby wakes up at 10pm, I nod off because I’m sleep deprived, or I have to make the choice between writing a scene and spending time with my spouse.

I need more time. Or, to kick everyone out of the house. I applaud all my fellow writers who are prolific and find ways to do it, because I know I need some encouragement in this area.

What’s your best writing tip (or tips) for a time-pressed writer? Am I just not managing my time right?


  1. I found you on a list of Horror writers on Julie Jansen’s blog. Female Horror writers are few and far between, so I’m always happy to see one!
    Congrats on being 90% done with your WIP. And no, time management doesn’t get any easier no matter what you do. Just roll with it and don’t stress out. 🙂

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