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KingsRedress3DShe did it again! Fantasy author Devorah Fox has a new release coming our way, and it’s sure to please (check out my Goodreads review of The Lost King, Book #1). We’re celebrating the release by chatting it up with some of the characters from the newest book in the series, The King’s Redress.

Say hello to Deidre. And get the details on the series below 🙂

Character Interview: Deidre

An interview with Deidre of The King’s Redress, Book Three of The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam literary fantasy series by Devorah Fox. We approached Deidre as she was leaving Bell Castle’s great hall.

 Q: Deidre, you just tried to enlist as a soldier in King Bewilliam’s army. Isn’t that an unusual goal for a young woman?

A: Perhaps, but I am an unusual woman.

I apologize, that was a flippant answer. Perhaps you would understand my ambitions if you knew more about me. I am the niece of the late Sir Walter. My mother, Sir Walter’s sister, and I abided with him, and his death left us in dire straits. A poor widow beyond her childbearing years, my mother is unlikely to remarry and is too frail to find employment. I felt responsible to provide for us. I’m something of a country girl. I’m used to the outdoor life. I’m strong. I can ride, fish, hunt. I’m a competent archer and I’ve been teaching myself to fight. I have a sword. It’s not the finest or the sharpest but it gets the job done. I cobbled up a quintain with which I practice my thrusts and parries. I think that I’ve gotten quite good. Thus I thought to apply these skills in the service of King Bewilliam for which I would receive compensation. That would enable me to provide for my mother.

 Q: Could you not simply have sought a husband for yourself who would support you and your mother as well?

A: I don’t want ever again to be dependent on a man. I will take care of myself. Anyway, without a dowry, who would want me?

Q: But you’re a comely young woman. Or you would be if you got out of that armor and into a flattering gown. Besides, you said you were the niece of a knight. Surely Sir Walter had a manor, lands, other assets that would make you an attractive bride.

A: He did until his title and holdings were stripped when he was found guilty of treason.

Q: That must have been painful for you.

A: It was, especially since he was wrongfully accused and executed. I mean to return honor to my family through my loyal and valiant service.

 Q: And avenge his unjust death?

A. I would like to clear his name, it’s true. I hope to excel as a soldier, to earn the King’s notice and esteem, and plead with him to reexamine my uncle’s case.

Q: And if the king doesn’t, would you take matters into your own hands?

A: You mean would I seek vengeance against the men who betrayed my uncle? I ask you, should they be allowed to go freely about their lives, enjoying the rewards and respect paid to good knights who kept their vows when they double-crossed one of their own? I don’t think that’s just, do you?


Will King Bewilliam accept a woman into his army? Will Deidre exact revenge on the man responsible for her uncle’s death? Find out in The King’s Redress, Book Three in the epic fantasy series The Bewildering Adventures of King Bewilliam.

The King’s Redress launches July 4, 2014 at the Kindle store at Amazon.


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