Let’s Talk Time Travel

I came across this fun post over at DVICE which refuses to accept that some scientists have spoiled our fun and declared time travel to be impossible–those scientists just don’t know that we’ve still got five more options on the table!

From wormholes to quantum physics, there are several time travel theories that make their way into fiction and consequently make for good reading. Speaking on the fantasy side of things, I know my genre often makes use of superpowers, mysticism, or divine intervention to make time traveling possible.

Have you ever read or written a time travel piece? What existing theory most closely resembles the “method of time travel” you used or encountered in a story?

By the way, if it turns out that we really can travel through time via TARDIS, I would be on that!



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  1. I’ve written a novel that includes time-travel. I don’t want to give away any spoilers about how it happens, because I don’t reveal that in the book until chapter 12, but it is fantasy based rather than science based.

    Aside from what I’ve written myself, though, I’m a fan of the wormhole idea, and I also watch Doctor Who. πŸ˜‰

    1. Author

      Dominica, thanks for joining the discussion! The wormhole idea is my second favorite.
      And don’t be shy, drop me an email so I can put the story up for one of my Feature Fridays πŸ™‚

  2. Cheap ploy, using time travel to catch eyes for your blog! I can’t NOT comment on this. I love time travel stories of all kinds. I love “Looper” from last year because the time travel is used more as a plot device than anything. It’s illogical and inconsistent with its rules, but that’s not the point of it, it’s there to move character development and the plot. I also love the use of time travel in the “Star Trek” reboot, which uses a newer theory of time travel creating alternate timelines. It’s a great way to keep Trek continuity in place, start over, AND have a great compelling story.

    We have had many discussions around our dinner table about time travel theories, which ones we like and which we don’t and from which movies. We point out why they would or would not work when applied to real life and whether we believe that the time stream can be affected by time travel or not. We talk about the relationship between time and space and time travel paradoxes. In short, time travel is a great story/plot device because of this. It breeds conversation and discussion about storytelling and the universe in general.

    1. Author


      I am very partial to the alternate time stream or “multiverse” theory myself. And yes, there are some theories that are more plausible than others. It’s so funny that you’ve mentioned Looper, because I watched it for the first time about a month ago.

      I knew this post would bring out some lively discussion πŸ˜‰

  3. I saw the TARDIS and I had to stop! I’m not a writer, only a fan. Time travel fascinates me to no end. I don’t have a preference for type, as long as the author makes it plausible. I don’t get into the mechanics of it all.

    (By the way, I’m reading Dark Rift right now. The “Drifter” concept is an interesting one. I cannot wait until the final book.)

    1. Author

      Thanks for stopping by, April! You are certainly welcome here any time. I’m glad you’re enjoying Dark Rift πŸ™‚

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