New Look!

I just updated the book cover to The Tower’s Alchemist (I believe the display image will be updated within a few days).

What do you think?

I like the sleek design of the symbols (which are real alchemical symbols) and when you decipher what they mean, they communicate the theme of the book.

Why did I choose to update? Well, while there are some elements of horror in my book, it’s largely an urban fantasy, not a full-on horror story. My previous cover gave the impression that it was a horror story (and that my MC on the cover was a villain and not the protagonist!).

Another interesting fact that I was unaware of (until a couple of my European readers informed me) is that the Swastika is illegal to display in public in several European countries. In the previous cover, the Nazi flag is burning in the background, set ablaze by the powers of my protagonist to indicate who she’s fighting against.

Writer friends, have you ever decided to update your book cover? Why?

Share your thoughts!