Sherlock Season 3 Finale: My Reaction

So, hubby and I were holed up in the house Valentine’s evening (everyone but me seems to be under the weather), and what better way to be romantic than to catch up on the season finale of Sherlock?

Hey, it’s got some romance in it, right? 🙂

Well, needless to say, I think the show is phenomenal, and I love the characters. Luis and I are huge fans of the series. When we curled up to watch the show, I was already excited.

stokedMany of you have already seen it, so you know all about the twists, the turns, and that damned Magnussen. I really hated that guy.

Which brings me to the heart-pounding conclusion of the episode [SPOILER WARNING for those who have yet to see it].



“C’mon, Sherlock!” (I was saying this in my head) “You’re going to out-maneuver this a$$&%#!”

Instead, our hero reminds Magnussen that he’s a “high-functioning sociopath” and then puts a bullet through the villain’s head.

sherlock-noI’ll admit, part of me wanted Magnussen to get whacked…but…but…I didn’t expect Sherlock to take him out like that! Am I the only one shocked and bothered by this?

I think there could’ve been other alternatives rather than Sherlock shooting a guy in the head close range. It just didn’t seem like a very Sherlock-y thing to do. I was expecting a last-minute-out-maneuver, or Sherlock’s plan to work (even if he had to quickly adjust it). The coolest thing about Sherlock is his sharp mind and ability to use it in magnificent ways–even when under pressure, and even when his loved ones are at stake.

Yes, Magnussen was a wicked man, and yes we were incensed when he kept flicking John in the face and humiliating him, and yes the guy’s extensive knowledge (and how he used it) was dangerous. But Sherlock waltzing up to him and shooting him in the head? That’s something Moriarty would do–but with a little bit more sadistic flair (aren’t you glad he’s back?).

Despite this particular disappointment, I will be tuning in to Season 4, because it’s an excellent show. I just wish Sherlock would’ve won this match in a different way.


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