Sleepy Hollow: Help! Woke Up This Morning Possessed

sleepy-hollow-exorcismOkay, never mind the tongue-in-cheek tone of the title, because I really enjoyed this week’s episode. Oh yeah, I’m a Sleepyhead 🙂

However, I couldn’t help but notice a piece of the show’s mytho-demonology (made that word up) that irked me the same way I’ve been irked with Supernatural‘s.

possessed-girlWhy is there a demon (or demons) running around who can possess humans at will via simple contact, and the demons never thought about doing it to the heroes and making the heroes do their bidding or drive themselves to suicide? Problem solved, demons win, right?

But somehow, certain heroes and heroines never get possessed in this manner, and innocent bystanders just walking down the street end up getting possessed and die horrible deaths (unless the demon jumps to another person).

Me no likey. I think they should stick with the basic concept that a person is “possess-able” if he opens a door in his soul to it–not because some random possessed guy tapped his shoulder. Not only will theology buffs call out the inaccuracy, but it also lends to plot holes and questions like the one I posed above.

*Getting off soapbox*

Mandatory Positives!

Macy was adorable, except when she was possessed and wearing that crazy wig. If I were the mom, I would’ve taken a REALLY good look before running toward Macy.

Me: “Macy, what’s wr– oh, HELL no, that ain’t my daughter!” *takes ten steps backward*

We all know in the Black People’s Survival Guide to Horror & Paranormal that you do not run up on possessed people, touch them in any way, or open the door to see what’s happening. Just sayin’.

Jenny was badass. ‘Nuff said.

I like throwing salt across my threshold too (doesn’t work against Jehovah’s Witnesses though).

I like the priest that tried to help (but why did he have to get killed so quickly? That’s the second cleric to die in the series).

All my paranormal, horror, or supernatural fiction folk–am I alone in this? Are there any pet peeves you have when it comes to battling demons in books or film?

Share your thoughts!