Sleepy Hollow is Back! Review by A #Sleepyhead


Rejoice, sleepyheads!

*Warning, a few spoilers below*




I’m thrilled to see the return of Sleepy Hollow, and the start of its second season is heartfelt, entertaining, and leaves me wanting more. I can’t get enough of the interesting alternate take on historical figures and events (Ben Franklin! Ha!), and how this epic war between light and darkness is being waged and woven into the fabric of the birth of our nation.

Perfect mash-up, right?

Seeing Ichabbie together again reminded me of how strong their friendship is and how much they care for each other. Jenny is still just as awesome as ever, and Henry and the headless Horseman make formidable foes.

If I had to offer up a critique, it would be how Moloch’s underlings make for more interesting and dangerous characters than the demon-in-charge himself. Okay, yes he gave Henry that scary soul-control armor at the end, but other than that it seemed Moloch was content with riding around Purgatory and not noticing Abby was twenty feet away from him.

Was that the case? Or do I need to call it a night and go to bed?

Or perhaps I’m jumping to conclusions and need to be patient. It seems Moloch and his gotta-get-out-of-purgatory antics will be sticking around for a while. Oh, let it be good, because I do love so many other things about the show.

Like this:


tumblr_ncdkj7GvZN1s5b5eso1_250And this…

tumblr_ncd4yruHId1rj9gfno4_250*Awwww!* Purgatory Cupcake.


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