Sleepy Hollow Review: Karaoke and Kali

Yes!!! Now we’re getting back on track. Oh, Team Witness, you’re so cute doing karaoke together.

However, the fun times are cut short (did it seem kind of double date-ish to you? Hmmm?) when a silent alarm back at the archives is triggered and Abbie needs to investigate. Ichabod makes an off-hand comment about not being aware that Abbie had installed an alarm, and that sets the stage for half the show being about what Abbie didn’t tell Ichie and vice versa.

Jenny (starting to emerge as my favorite character after Team Witness) makes the VERY obvious observation that tension and separation between Team Witness is not good. I agree! Don’t split up Abbie and Ichabod. Don’t do it.

I’m all for Team Patch-up Your Marriage, but not at the expense of the charismatic pairing of Team Witness when they’re on a mission. Abbie and Ichabod’s partnership is what carries this show, even when we have complaints and misgivings–so again, I beg, please don’t ever split them up like that again.

And please make Katrina evil or at least operating with her own conflicting intentions, because all the crying about her being useless is actually true. Sorry Katrina.

I suppose a quick summary of this week’s episode is that it was centered on Hawley’s past, his ex-godmother now turned servant of Kali wants to turn Hawley into a creature of the night so he can join her fold. How sweet. Ruckus ensues, she’s defeated (but flees) and Hawley vows to track her down. It looks like they are getting rid of Hawley, y’all–ahem, they can easily get rid of another character. Just sayin’.

And Irving! He’s back! No more skulking in the forest, mean mugging in the mental institution, or sitting in jail. He’s free. But he’s not clear yet, since the dude doesn’t have a reflection. His storyline is very interesting, and I’m so glad he’s returned.

I would re-watch this episode just to see Ichabod and Abbie sing karaoke 🙂 Abbie doesn’t have a bad voice, either.

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