Sleepy Hollow Review: Love Triangles + Warlock Time Out



Oh, so now we’re starting to see something intriguing with Katrina. My last post about the Ichabod + Katrina ship (or, Ichitrina, as I like to call it) hit the nail on the head about the shallow Courtly Love formula of their relationship, and now it looks like 99 problems are coming their way.

The Weeping Lady, once a creepy but harmless ghost haunting a bridge, is now abducting and drowning women–specifically those to whom Ichabod is emotionally attached. Turns out the Weeping Lady is the vengeful spirit of Ichie’s ex-betrothed (Mary), who apparently never sailed for London like she was supposed to because…

She “tripped and fell,” according to Katrina.



Katrina went and faked a letter to make Ichabod believe Mary had left the country when in fact she was lying at the bottom of a river. Before the demise of Mary’s spirit, she pointed an accusing finger at Katrina. Ichabod confronts her, throws out a laundry list of deceptions and questionable actions Katrina committed, and then the Horseman shows up and takes Katrina home.

Wow. The Horseman is just softening her up because she’s supposed to be a “Hell Shard,” though it’s unclear if he is privy to this or is acting out of genuine affection.

And then there’s the Hawley-Jenny-Abbie(?) possible love triangle. This episode had some triangles and triangles-within-triangles going on! We’ll see if Ichitrina survives this storm, and woah Jenny + Hawley at the end.

In the mean time, I want to see Henry back in the game instead of getting thrown into warlock time out by Moloch.


I’m looking forward to the show exploring Katrina’s powers more, especially in opposition to Henry, a powerful warlock in his own right. Until next time!

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