Sleepy Hollow Review: The Akeda #Fantasy #TV



All right, I know we’ve had our ups and downs this season, and there’s been some grumbling, but I thought this Fall finale was decent. It entertained me, and I’m still happy to ride with Team Witness.

So last episode left us in a bit of a race to grab the sword of Methuselah, and Ichabbie swiped it before the horseman of death could. But oh, who will wield the demon-killing sword since whoever does so must lose his soul? Unless…you’ve already lost your soul.

Paging Captain Irving!

I’ve been one of the grumblers about the fact that Irving had been under-used this season (am I right?), and to see him in action, kicking zombie butt with the sword, made up for it. Katrina sort of stepped up her powers as a witch, but she needs to get more useful real quick. I’m certain her big argument with Ichabod made my Team Ichabbie peeps squeal with delight.

Dang, and they just don’t want to give up on Henry! How many chances will you give that man? (Well, except Abbie. She’s standing by, ready to lob his head off). I rolled my eyes and groaned at Ichabod’s attempts to reconcile with his wayward son, but I suppose it paid off in the end?










Yes, I knew Henry would choose to stab Moloch with Methuselah’s sword at the last minute, and I wanted to tear up when Captain Irving died. WTF!!!! I’m so distraught that I almost forgot Team Witness had left Hawley, of all people, guarding the Headless Horseman in the occult chamber. You know Abraham is going to play mind games or attempt negotiation with Hawley. Just watch. You’ll see.

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