Sleepy Hollow Review: Wendigos And Mind-Screws


Very cute, that yoga/mini-therapy session between Abbie and Ichabod 🙂

Team Witness is all about getting into physical shape for the fight against Moloch and his underlings, but they need to be mentally prepared as well. Ichabod’s wife appears untrustworthy and his son serves the demon–this obviously weighs down on him and interferes with his performance. He reluctantly confesses that he is angry and disappointed.

There, Ichie, don’t you feel a teensy bit better now?

Our latest mission has a very frightening wendigo running around tearing people apart, and it happens just as Korbin’s son (Joe) arrives after being discharged from the military. Coincidence? Of course not, in Sleepy Hollow. I figured out the monster was Joe rather quickly, but what I wondered was how or why he transformed into a dark creature.


And…surprise! Henry’s warlocking machinations is the cause (the bone flute he had procured from Hawley was used to create a nasty spell). I guess he’s out of time out, unless Moloch has something to say about him using the ewww poison to create a demon spider which crawls into Katrina’s mouth as she sleeps. Ewww! Friends, I slept with duct tape over my mouth last night (I kid, I kid…).

I loved how the show introduces us again to some Native American lore and magic (the Shawnees had the cure for Joe’s wendigo problem), and once again Hawley rears his head and keeps checking out Abbie, with Jenny lurking with suspicion in the background.


Geez, and I almost forgot to mention Captain Irving. He’s still stuck in that darned mental hospital and keeps getting mind screwed by Henry. I wanted Abbie and Ichie to find a way to see him again (last time, Ichabod came to “visit” another patient and was able to speak with Irving while in the common area–why can’t he do that again?). They are starting to under-use Irving, and obviously he’s an important ally to Team Witness, otherwise Henry and Moloch wouldn’t be ruining him.

Come on, Team Witness! Spring your friend from the mental ward like any good friend would. If y’all can jump into purgatory to rescue people, a mental hospital should be a piece of cake.

And I thought Joe Corbin would stick around (at least for a few more episodes); I was disappointed to see him leave.

In closing, I’d like to add that Katrina was WAY more interesting when we all thought she was a Steal-Your-Man-And-Push-Your-Ass-Off-A-Cliff type of witch.

Am I right?


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