#SleepyHollow Finale Review: Ichabbie Shippers, Rejoice!

Assuming we’re getting Season 3. And assuming they’ll go down that road.

But the fact that Katrina is apparently out of the picture is a sign that we’re getting back to what most of us loved about Sleepy Hollow’s first season: Team Witness, with their chemistry, banter, and unity, as well as Captain Irving and Jenny as badass sidekicks, mixed with Apocalyptic mayhem.

I’ll admit I’m not fully an Ichabbie shipper, and at the beginning, I had a lot of sympathy for Katrina. However, her role could’ve been much more interesting, her character more multi-layered, if they didn’t try to force her into being a good girl and the love of Ichabod’s life. Katrina helped a little sometimes, but it always seemed that she was never at full strength. Also, her relationship with Ichabod was a huge bore, and it kept being shoved in our faces when all we really wanted was Team Witness.

But was the demise of Katrina too little too late? I hope not. This finale was awesome, and reminded me why I fell in love with the show. Ben Franklin? The Headless Horseman? A secret mission from Washington? Yep. Oh, and poor Ben–Abbie told you to duck!

Although it was interesting to see Katrina turn into a villain, it still felt rushed and it didn’t quite come off as very believable. The groundwork for this could’ve been a little stronger had they left the appropriate breadcrumbs in past shows.

All in all, this was a good finale, and certainly better than the last few episodes. Let’s hope for a Season 3. More, please?


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