#SleepyHollow Review: Date Nights & Deadly Paintings

Okay, I wanted to be nice, but I’m gonna come out and say it: I don’t like how they’re portraying Katrina.

She could be such a badass witch, but half the time her witchiness falls flat, and she ends up being a damsel in distress. It would add so much to her character (and usefulness) if she were to hold her own and contribute power and guidance to Team Witness, instead of inserting herself and causing rifts.

Even if the show were to take her in the direction of being shady or Team Evil or something, THAT would make her way more interesting than she is now.

Okay, onward…


We’ve got a serial killer from the past, trapped inside his own painting by the coven and Abigail Adams, but a modern restoration re-activates the art work, and he’s loose! Katrina mumbles a few chants while reminiscing about Abigail Adams, Jenny has to swipe magic bullets from a dead zombie (sorry folks, no eye candy Hawley this time), and Ichabod is running around trying to find out how to bring down our villain.

There’s an emotional pause amidst this all, when Captain Irving, after his resurrection and milk binge, shows up, desperately attempting to convince Abby he is not an undead henchman working for the baddies. He is taken away into police custody, however, though Abby at least alerts his wife.

Welp, Ichabod and Katrina confront the killer in the painting, but they can’t stop his sinister resurrection ritual–until Abbie swaggers in and shoots him with the magic bullets.

Abbie: 1

Everyone Else: Friggin’ 0

I know some of y’all on the internets keep wishing Katrina to be killed or disappear, but I’m holding out hope that they’ll do something cool with her. Soon, perhaps?

Sometimes I hate being an optimist.

Until next time, friends 🙂


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