#SleepyHollow Review: Spellcaster

Henry Parrish is back! Can’t say I’m surprised, and I groaned a little at the thought that he would return all docile and asking to build a relationship with mommy and daddy–but no, he’s still EVIL! However, what did surprise me was that our beloved Irving is now working with Henry–when and how did this happen??? I hope they fill us in on this in an upcoming episode, because right now Irving’s storyline is the most interesting thing going on in the show (and it pains me to say that because you know I love Team Witness).

So what exactly is going on with Ichabod and Abbie? Well, after house shopping with no money, our charismatic duo hop on their next case: A few people die via blood boiling. Clearly it’s a wizard! Abbie, you’re very nice to try and include Katrina since she’s supposed to be a badass witch, but we’ve learned quite a few episodes ago that she needs to go back to witch bootcamp.

It turns out the culprit is another person from the past–Katrina’s family’s past, to be exact. A warlock who hid under the guise of a reverend, a former friend of Katrina’s grandma, is alive, and he wants the Grand Grimoire and a one-way ticket back to his era because he “accidentally” killed the woman he was stalking pining after.

In a final confrontation with Katrina (who should’ve been whooping butt), he blabbers about her magical abilities and a darkness within her.

Aha! So, we are going to see an Evil Katrina.

Bad guy gets away because she couldn’t stop him, and Team Witness is left looking like “da fuq?”

Irving finishes him off in the end, but I was disappointed that we didn’t see a proper witch-wizard showdown. Until next time…


  1. I wasn’t that surprised about Irving, especially since Henry turned out to be still evil. Don’t forget, Irving inadvertently signed a binding contract and Henry still owns his soul. The only way Irving COULD be back is if Henry called him back.

    1. Author

      Nubianrose89, so true! You’re right, the contract was binding and there was never any real proof that it was “broken.” I was hoping Irving’s death did the trick, but since he didn’t have a “soul,” Henry still technically owned him.

  2. I think the biggest mistake Sleepy Hollow made w/ season two was not making Katrina the big bad at the end of season one. She and Henry could’ve made it a family affair. Katrina has been simultaneously infuriating and irrelevant with what they’ve done with her character in the early half of this season. Seriously, she was in purgatory for HOW LONG? It would’ve made perfect sense to have her be a baddie, and we wouldn’t have been subjected to the painful Crane family drama and Abbie and Ichabod wouldn’t have been separated. I’m sure someone threw that on the table in the writing room and is now shaking his or her respective head in disgust that they instead went this illogical and awful way.

    Nice review and loved this episode. I do not accept bad Irving, though. Fix him!

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