#SleepyHollow Review: What Lies Beneath

Hang in there, fellow sleepyheads–at least Team Witness is strongly united!

It was refreshing to see Abbie and Ichabod doing their thing this episode, and this week they worked together to find a few missing men.

Including the brother of Man Candy Reporter.


Not only is Calvin very nice to look at, but he also figures out a LOT of stuff rather quickly, and asks all the questions that no one else in town seemed to bother themselves with.

His exchange with Abby when they first met was entertaining, and I wish he would’ve asked her out on a date at the end of the episode (ha!) 🙂

BUT, let’s face it…

In my humble opinion, the real tension and heart string pulling go to Captain Irving and Jenny. He solicits her help for a task that turns out to be a heisty money grab of the Hellfire club’s assets. He has little time, he belongs to the ex-horseman of War. He just wants security for his family, before he goes kicking and screaming into the dark.

I almost teared up.

Oh yes, the missing men…Team Witness does an amazing job at saving the day, though I wasn’t too impressed with the Thomas Jefferson hologram. Dude really wanted them to save the secret library–and the book addict in me cringed at the explosion–but as always, you can count on Ichabod and Abbie to choose to save lives, even when it means difficulty for them down the road.

Oh, Katrina, they still don’t know what to do with you, do they?

I wish Abraham (Headless Horseman) would return. And remember that Frankenstein-like monster Team Witness raised back in Season 1? Will it ever return? Maybe he should.

Until next time…

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