#SleepyHollow: Too Fast, But You Can’t Slow Down Now

You probably already know what I’m about to say, just by reading the title of this post. Katrina’s turn to the dark side would have been breathtaking and fun had the show done its proper groundwork earlier in the season!

If it was more obvious that Katrina had sinister motives and did push Mary off that cliff, it would’ve been great. If her preference for Henry and saving him (and siding with him) was stronger and more believable earlier on, they would’ve nailed it. But no, we’re stuck with the Baddest Witch in Town because she decides in an episode and a half that being bad feels so good.

Nah. Not buying it.

It happened way too fast, especially when we were not given breadcrumbs. I hate when that happens! Don’t ever take a good guy (or good girl) and turn him to the dark side so quickly and without the proper set up.

I know a lot of us have been asking and anticipating for Katrina to turn bad, and I understand her motivation: (1) bitterness over Henry and her misfortunes as a result of helping Team Witness (2) Washington owed her and her coven payment, and dude never paid.

I also feel that Katrina was emotionally manipulated into her current situation rather than her fully thinking through and deciding she was going kick Ichabod’s ass and nearly blow up Abbie.

Too fast, but we can’t slow down now. The course of Suddenly Evil Katrina has been set.

I am interested in seeing Abbie navigate 1780s Sleepy Hollow. Our dear Ichabod was catapulted into the present, so it’s an interesting twist to see Abbie thrown back into the past.

Hmm, does this mean the Crane marriage is over? Are you Ichabbie shippers rejoicing?

By the way, I thought Irving’s and Jenny’s heartfelt hug at the end held more passion and emotion than any interaction I’ve ever seen between Ichabod and Katrina. 

Best performance goes to all of Irving’s scenes. Those were handled very well, in my humble opinion. I have a sneaking suspicion that John Noble read the script and said “Screw it, let me finish this up and collect my paycheck.”

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