The Day The Sun Stopped Shining Pt. 2

We’re all excited about the blog tour–The Day The Sun Stopped Shining where paranormal, fantasy, and horror writers (and their readers) will get together Dec. 26-31 and do some fun blog hopping. You’ll get to read hilarious and insightful interviews with authors, sneak peeks at book excerpts, and here I’ll be hosting blog contests throughout that week.

Don’t be shy! If you’re a fantasy/paranormal author, join us. If you’re a lover of the genre–join in the fun blog hop! You’ll have chances each day to win prizes.

Some of my fellow authors have already started their rounds of interviews–and I’m hooked! Here are a few done by author Dicey Grenor. Check ’em out:

Interview with Yours Truly: Wizards, Warlocks, the Occult…and WWII?

Interview with Cecelia Robert: The Grim Reaper Has a Novice

Interview with Georgina Kamsika: Blood, Corpses…and HELL


As promised, here’s the breakdown for the week with my blog:

Dec. 26– “Armageddon Recipe Contest” The sun may have stopped shining, but we still need to eat! Submit a simple recipe you’d be able to whip up if all hell broke lose.

Dec. 27–“Trivia Tuesday” topic: Post-apocalyptic movies

Dec. 28–Luis Escobar from The Simpsons TV show shares his top survival techniques for living in a post-apocalyptic world. I’m twisting his arm to also get some of the other artists and staffers from the show to throw in their answers as well (hehe!). You get to vote on which answer you like best!

Dec. 29–“If the #sunstoppedshining…” finish the sentence on twitter

Dec. 30–Blog Comment: If you could choose one fictional character to be your ally during these dark days, who would it be and why? (My friend Ren Thompson will be hosting the question for me at her blog. This will be the only day I “outsource” anything).

Dec. 31–Author Day! Authors, share your fantasy/paranormal novel in the comments for a chance to win a special promotion 🙂






  1. Love the breakdown. fun ideas. will be there when it starts 🙂 see you before the sun stops shining. oh my, who knows!!!

  2. Sounds like great fun, Alesha! I’m not hugely into the genre (although I suppose my Llorona anthology is on the farthest fringes of horror) but I’m going to make sure and stop by–sounds too interesting to miss!

    Best of luck with the logistics. This is the 2nd time I’ve tried to post, because my computer is winning tonight!

    1. Author

      Leslie, thanks for commenting! Do you have a link to your Llorona anthology? 🙂

  3. What a great lineup, Alesha! I’ll have to drop by during the festivities to join in. Looks like great fun! 🙂

  4. Onward and up we go! I’m really excited about this tour… I’m looking forward to that Armageddon Recipe.,,hehe.

    I’ll be a regular here from the 26th Dec.

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