The Ghost of Time: Envisioning The Story

Guest Post by Samantha LaFantasie

Ghost of Time – How Visual Aids Helped Me Write My Story

Making a story feel real with visual aids are one of the many things that get left in the dust when many authors talk about their books. For me, visual aids are an important part of my process. From locations to character descriptions, pictures help me to keep things a bit more consistent than I could without them. I think we can all agree that helps a story to feel more “real.” So, with that in mind, I thought I would take a moment to share two of the biggest things that help me keep things visually in check with The Ghost of Time and many of my other stories.

1. Pinterest.

I’ve written about my addiction before. I use it for everything. But mainly settings, inspiration for elements within a story, and character appearance. Gotta make sure the color of eyes and hair doesn’t change.

For example, January Fogarty who is modeled by actress Denise Vasi. The only thing I changed were her eyes (though I absolutely love dark skin and light eyes).

(Images courtesy of Pinterest)


JanuaryJanuary's Eyes












And can’t forget about that intricate transmutation circle either. This is the image I based mine off of. Obviously, mine is a little simpler. I couldn’t imagine trying to outline this entire thing in text! This worked perfectly as a base for my design.

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)

Transmutation Circle


2. Google/Google Maps

I needed a place that would be both inconspicuous and in plain sight. This would be the abandoned research facility that was turned into a headquarters of sorts and also where most of the story takes place. I had already decided on the location (Houston, TX), so having this pop-up immediately was perfect! I also use Google Maps for locations like the park (but I couldn’t find a suitable image to use, sorry!).

(Image courtesy of this site)

abandoned research facility







For me, as a visual learner, these really help me to bring the story more life and make it feel a lot more life-like than relying on my imagination alone. I hope that you agree with me when you read The Ghost of Time in July.


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  1. I never thought of using Pinterest to keep track of details. Great Idea. I do use llocations on Google Maps as models.

    1. Author

      It’s an ingenious idea, Devorah! Especially being a visual learner, I love using imagery to keep track of (or recall) things.

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