Three Reasons Why Marvel’s Agent Carter is Going to Rock



I’m a believer, y’all.

Agent Carter is an amazing character, and Hayley Atwell just brought her to life and owned the role in the Captain America movie. And I tell you, she’s going to do the same when the Agent Carter TV show airs next month.

I came across the Why I’m Already Worried For Marvel’s Agent Carter post over at TV Over Mind (TVOM), and I’m going to protest the doubts already being cast.


Just because Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D has been on rocky ground doesn’t mean people are tired of Marvel (and thus by extension would be disinterested in Agent Carter).

Simpsons storyboard artist Luis Escobar provides a great breakdown explaining why a show like Arrow is kicking ass and taking names, while S.H.I.E.L.D has been floundering.

Agent Carter is about…well, Agent Carter. We know she doesn’t have superpowers, but what makes her a compelling heroine is the fact that she is able to go toe-to-toe with Nazi villains (and others) despite some people from her own side throwing stumbling blocks in her way because she’s a woman.

Although I think there is a bit of a niche quality to an Agent Carter show, since it is set in the 1940s and centers on espionage, I think her character, as well as a stellar supporting cast, and strong writing, will be able to carry it all into popular showdom. I mean, geez, if  some of us can get excited about a 1940s woman traveling back and forth between her husband and some 18th Century Scottish hunk, then, by golly, give us a 1940s woman who will kill a Nazi with a nail file and look stylish while doing it.

So, in support of the show, here are three reasons why Marvel’s Agent Carter TV Show is going to rock 🙂



1. This Agent Carter  one-shot.



2. Espionage is fun and alluring, especially when there’s a beautiful, apt, and intelligent female spy.

I don’t know about you, but I LIKE seeing a strong heroine who can defend herself and others, all the while remaining human and relatable. I remember watching ALIAS
with Sydney Bristow–amazing show. Loved Sydney, her relationship with her aloof but I-Will-Kill-For-You dad, her tortured attempts at retaining friends and a love life while keeping her spy life secret, etc. If done right, Agent Carter can explore so many different facets of Peggy Carter’s life and interactions.


3. WWII era, in this context, is not ho-hum or overly distant. There are plenty of interesting situations and themes to play with.

Whether it’s confronting and defeating Nazi weird science, glamming it up old Hollywood style for a dinner party, or escaping the secret police by Oscar-worthy acting and pure wit, there’s a rich trove of entanglements, dangers, and drama that Agent Carter can endure and conquer.

Some of it already reminds me of the real women who actually spied for the Allies against the Nazis during WWII: Nancy Wake, the socialite who killed a Nazi with her bare hands (like, she karate chopped an SS officer’s neck and was surprised it actually worked). Noor Inayat Khan, the Indian princess who joined the French Resistance and hit the enemy so fiercely, that the Nazis tried to make her sign a written agreement (ha!) to cease fighting against them. And let’s not forget about the glamorous (and far from boring) black singer/actress and French spy, Josephine Baker.

Just the history alone is interesting, so a fictional female spy during this time (who worked with Captain America) will certainly be a fun and entertaining character to root for.

The show airs January 6, 2015, if I’m not mistaken. I am going to watch it. I’ll probably be cuddled up next to Luis Escobar while doing so.

Are you interested in the show as well? Or are you tired of the Marvel universe coming to TV?



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  2. My mom and I love this show and can’t wait for it to return, for all the reason you mentioned and more besides. Also, we are disappointed with S.H.I.E.L.D. but do not pair them in any way.

    Best to you, Alesha! Strong women unite!


    1. Author

      Yay! I am really enjoying the show as well. I think SHIELD is starting to pick up.

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