What Exactly is the Gray Tower?

My story is a fantasy alternate history based on WWII, where the Nazis team up with warlocks and the Allies employ wizards, and there are several elements, events and characters that I’ve just really enjoyed creating. One of these is the Gray Tower.

The Order of Wizards (according to the story lore) is an organization of wizards dating back to the early Middle Ages and exists in the “present time” of the story–which is 1941. The Order of Wizards was formed to accomplish three tasks:

  1. Train and nurture those with preternatural abilities
  2. Contribute to the world in both knowledge and deeds
  3. Protect the world from The Danger

When the Order was younger and smaller, there was a literal “tower” where they lived and studied–the Gray Tower. It has since expanded and now the entire compound is given the name. Many people from all over the world have come to join the Order, either staying to rise through its ranks or leave and make use of their abilities in the greater world.

A society like this would have a long history, a diplomatic relationship with countries, money and property at its disposal, and either the fear, respect, or hatred of others.

Makes for interesting material, eh?

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