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agent-carter-premiereAgent Carter premieres today and I am very excited! She was definitely a favorite of mine from the Captain America movie, and I love the allure and excitement of being a female spy, especially during the World War II era.

But this isn’t your typical ’40s spying. Peggy Carter very well may have to face mad scientists, power-hungry villains (perhaps with unusual powers of their own), and deadly enemy spies. This is going to be fun, and for some reason I just feel Hayley Atwell is the perfect fit for Agent Carter 🙂

I listed in a previous post  three reasons why I think the Agent Carter TV Show is going to rock, and I know many other fans are excited about Peggy’s return (along with Howard Stark). Whether you enjoy watching espionage, WWII-era spying, or a fun mash-up with super-villains and mad scientists thrown into this particular setting, I’m sure this show will be a treat. And I’ll be watching it along with you!

Now, I’m going to be a little selfish and also tell you that another reason why I’m excited about Agent Carter is because all the things I enjoy about it is also why people enjoy my supernatural spy thriller, The Gray Tower Trilogy (think: Agent Carter, but with magic).

Peggy Carter isn’t the only badass ’40s female spy: meet agent Isabella George, an Apprentice Alchemist trained by the Gray Tower.

The first ebook of the series is FREE at Amazon, and I’ve got a limited-time sale going on with books 2 and 3 for only 0.99¢. But hurry, because they’ll be going back to regular price soon!

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