Sleepy Hollow Review: Surprises, Scoundrels, and Free Will



Ha! I loved this part. This is one of the fun things about having a fellow imported from 200 years ago into the here and now 🙂

So, now that Ichabod knows how to drive, let’s move on to my thoughts on this episode of Sleepy Hollow.

I’ll admit, at first the episode felt a little (just a little) ho-hum to me, but that suddenly turned around when the Pied Piper turned out to be a dual-wielding badass assassin. I love dual-wielding.

pied-piper-sleepy-hollowAnd he sold his soul to Moloch to get super-speed. Hope it was worth it, dude.

Team Witness is on their next case: find a missing girl who appears to have been abducted by the Pied Piper. But what connection could a kid have to a mysterious assassin that hadn’t been seen in (literally) centuries? Well, there’s a curse on the child and her family, and not only must Ichabod and Abbie circumvent the curse, they must also defeat the Pied Piper, who is not easy prey.

They stumble upon Hawley, our friendly neighborhood purveyor of occult items, and of course he plays the “I’m concerned about the kid” act before revealing that he is indeed a self-serving man, loyal to the highest bidder. But I’m still holding out hope that he’s got a good heart deep inside.

hawley-sleepy-hollowWelp, they confront Pied Piper, spirit the girl away, and then there’s…surprise!…a twist: the mom WANTED the girl gone because it was the only way to spare her other children from the curse, so they have to go round two with Pied Piper and lay the smackdown on him for good. Yay! Not so ho-hum anymore.

However, my only complaint would be Captain Irving and his connection to Henry (the Horseman of War):

war-is-comingThis frightening vision Irving has of being War’s tool rightly scares him. I think this, in addition to Henry’s powerful speech about the ex-captain’s family being exposed and unprotected, should have been Irving’s tipping point to signing the deal. I didn’t like that Irving unwittingly signed his soul over. Selling your soul is a huge thing (not that I would know from personal experience, mind you). So I would imagine it’s something that should be done with full knowledge and consent.

Irving could have questioned whether or not Team Witness would truly protect his wife and daughter. He could’ve been driven to side with Henry out of abject fear of remaining in a mental hospital. But tricking him into signing away his soul was a wth moment for me (and, if you want to get into the nitty gritty of it, not theologically accurate).

Other than that, I enjoyed the episode, loved the twists and turns, and I’m looking forward to the next episode.

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